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Corporate & Business Law

We need to make sure we do not already represent someone else involved in your situation. Changing Tax Laws – An attorney can keep you appraised and compliant with the changing tax codes. Business Deductions – Deductions may be difficult to identify or understand. Employee Taxes – Even if you have no employees you may be required to make advance payment on self-employment taxes.

You would be required to fulfill these obligations, which could cost your business much more than anticipated. An IP lawyer can also work to make sure your business isn’t infringing on the IP concerns of other companies. Most business owners aren’t trained to know when they’re in violation, which makes the IP attorney a valuable entity. If your company has trademarks and patents, you’re likely to need anintellectual property lawyer.

As a business owner, if you ever catch yourself thinking “I don’t need a lawyer, I can handle this myself,” it’s probably a good time to speak with a business lawyer and find out for sure. Your time is better spent running your business than trying to resolve a legal situation on your own. In today’s post, we’ll talk more about what a business lawyer actually does and how you can decide if you should consult with one. We’ll talk about the common mistakes business owners make, misconceptions about business law, and much more. Business lawyers anticipate problems that may arise for their clients down the road and work accordingly to help avoid such problems. The business lawyer must also anticipate the scenario where the borrower defaults on the loan and must provide remedies for the lender if that scenario arises.

It may not always be clear what you’re entitled to during these negotiations. It pays to have a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) lawyer representing your interests in the transactions. If you feel you need to terminate an employee, you can discuss the issue with your lawyer. If there’s still a legal issue, the lawyer can step in and represent your company.

We believe in exceptional client service, so if you aren’t satisfied with the service you receive, we will provide you with a full refund . We suggest you contact us first, so we can help you to prepare for your appointment and gain the most benefit. If you have legal needs outside of Alberta, we can connect you to qualified and respected law firms in other provinces and countries through the TAGLaw global network. Our clients operate in a fast-moving, cutting-edge business world; they need experienced, knowledgeable counsel to help them satisfy rapidly changing demands, competitive forces, and regulatory challenges. Clients deserve an attorney/client relationship based on trust, proven responsiveness, efficiency, and transparent communication.

The first time you meet with your business lawyer he or she will ask you about the history of your business, your goals for the future of your business in the future, as well as a few questions about yourself. Because small business owners and managers are so closely tied to their businesses it’s extremely important for your lawyer to know a great deal about you too. An easy way to differentiate between corporate lawyers and business lawyers is seeing that business is an activity – it involves the selling and buying of goods. In contrast, corporate law is concerned with the operations, activities, and validity of a corporation only.

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