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Katy Business Lawyer

It isn’t often that you experience someone that cares enough to protect you and your business as if it were her own. This is exactly how I have felt in dealing with Sheryl and Hunter Business Law! She and her team are attentive, detailed and extremely easy to work with. I strongly recommend Sheryl and her team for any of your business needs. Using her 20+ years of legal and business experience, Sheryl Hunter has built Hunter Business Law around the needs of growth-focused entrepreneurs and their business enterprises. A simple contractual mistake or error in bookkeeping can turn a business upside down for years to follow.

Bringing a list of questions to the consultation can help you decide whether an attorney is the right fit. For example, you may want to describe your goals and ask how likely you are to attain them, based on the law governing your situation. An optimistic answer may be encouraging, but you should think twice if an attorney makes guarantees or seems much more confident than their competitors. Also, you should listen to how the attorney explains their evaluation.

For example, a law firm might exist to help businesses only with intellectual property needs. Another firm might help a business set up a corporate entity and file the appropriate documents with the state. We understand that in a tough, competitive, global marketplace, timely and cost effective legal advice about business transactions and those taking place throughout the state and the world is important.

The Van Winkle Law Firm helps local and state governments and municipalities obtain equipment, such as communication systems, office equipment, and vehicles, through tax-exempt leasing. Our attorneys have worked with financial institutions, leasing companies, underwriters and all others involved. Land use laws are meant to look out for the general public’s well being but can restrict business operations and expansion. The Van Winkle Law Firm can review a proposed land contract for land use specifications and help you navigate the use or negotiate a contractual change in favor of the business.

Finding the right commercial property to lease or purchase under favorable terms can increase your customer base and increase sales. On the other hand, signing a commercial lease or making a purchase without the proper legal guidance can result in major losses to your company. Our lawyers handle many commercial real estate matters, including reviewing and drafting commercial leases, overseeing real estate transactions, and resolving commercial real estate disputes. One party provides goods or services in exchange for capital or another form of payment on a regular basis. Our Katy business lawyers oversee a variety of transactions for our clients, including vendor agreements, contract negotiations and management, mergers and acquisitions, client and customer agreements, and more. You should hire a lawyer who has substantial experience assisting businesses that are similar to yours.

Establishing secure contracts, understanding intellectual property, and implementing critical regulations are just a few essential steps to take with a paid professional’s guidance. Brett is a consummate professional who is very well versed in the area of land use law. He brings a general affability and substantive acumen to his legal practice. Clients uniformly have a high regard for his passionate and credible representation. A Determined Mindset – Mr. Nakase has made a name for himself as a CA civil litigation lawyer with a resolute mindset.

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