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Commercial Solicitors

Business attorneys negotiate sales and leases, navigating complex and confusing real estate and tenant laws. I offer outside legal counsel services to startups and established enterprises. I handle every contract or regulatory matter, including contract drafting, negotiation and due diligence for an affordable monthly flat fee. We focus on business law, real estate law, oil and gas law, and general corporate practice. We proudly serve the Houston area and look forward to helping your Texas business. Mid-size firms not only have the broad various legal experience you need, but their teams can also maintain a collaborative approach between their different attorneys.

There may be a few hearings here or there before boards or regulatory committees to seek approvals. However, there are very few long, hard days on the spot in an adversarial courtroom. When conflicts occur, a company may not use their business lawyer to handle it. Instead, they might refer the matter to a litigator with years of experience in a courtroom setting.

As an experienced business law firm, we’ve formed Nevada corporations, Delaware limited liability companies, and everything in between. Additionally, we’ve helped students and professors begin realizing their dreams of spinning off University research, and multinational corporations create subsidiaries to better structure their operations and legal position. As a business owner, you encounter legal issues often in the course of your business operations. Whether it is a contract you need drafted, a commercial lease reviewed, dealing with vendors or complex litigation for breach of contract, you should have an experienced business lawyer to ensure the best possible outcome. While many business lawyers charge an hourly fee, others charge a fixed fee for a certain service in its entirety. In some cases, an attorney will ask a client to pay a retainer fee, which is an upfront payment.

It is strongly recommended not to move forward with lawyers that demand a fixed upfront fee to represent you through the trial. Although some lawyer may focus on your case, most lawyers don’t pursue the case with much commitment. You must select one with extensive trial experience, battle-tested, and proven. “As a retired accountant for a major company, I am detail oriented and enjoy searching for numbers that do not make sense. Brad Nakase was great at analyzing over twenty thousand pages of financial and accounting documents, and after trial, won millions of dollars.” S.N.

You may need a corporate lawyer if you want to incorporate your business or you have already incorporated, and you need further advice. Have the attorney estimate the cost of each matter in writing, so you can decide whether it’s worth pursuing. Some attorneys also offer “caps,” guaranteeing in writing the maximum cost of a particular service. This helps you budget and gives you more certainty than just getting an estimate.

Contract law and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) will only affect your business if you deal in these areas. If your business is subject to contracts, then you increase the risk. M&A lawyers are probably the least likely you’ll face but could cost you the most as damages from deals are usually for large sums of money. While a CPA can be beneficial when your business gets audited, there could be a situation where the tax authority decides to take legal action against your business. It’s well known that hiring a lawyer can be expensive, making it challenging for some small business owners to retain their services. However, if your business issubject to a lawsuit, you’ll be relieved that you hired a lawyer.

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