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Metal Building Kits

Our custom colors are applied during the steel manufacturing process and promise to be more chip and fade-resistant. If you are considering a pole barn kit, be sure to explore the advantages our steel buildings have over wood construction. One way our building system significantly reduces project costs is by decreasing construction timelines. In fact, our buildings can save you up to 50% compared to the cost of traditional construction. Discover the many high-quality, affordable steel structures and custom-built metal buildings manufactured by Millennium Buildings. Our fully enclosed, free spanning metal buildings can range from 12 feet to 60 feet wide and up to 20 feet tall with as much space length-wise as needed. Play at the best casino with us on where’s the gold slots. Bonus for the first 100 people!

Their 16% annual growth rate is double that of ordinary construction. Speed of delivery and construction is another key advantage that has helped with the growth of metal buildings. Once the building is designed, it can be manufactured in as little as two weeks. The engineered parts and pieces of the complete metal building package are delivered as a single-source package to the job site and received by a qualified erector. Once the project is staged on the ground, the metal building shell typically goes up much faster than conventional construction. The gambrel is sometimes called the Dutch Gambrel or Dutch Hip.

We’re only as good as our materials so we take full control of the entire process. We roll form our own steel, build our own trusses, doors, and so much more. Morton operates six manufacturing facilities where many of our building components are produced. Our vertical integration allows us to control quality, timelines, and reduce shipping costs. From equipment to aircraft storage, we have a custom metal storage building for virtually every storage need.

Some common types of steel buildings are “straight-walled” and “arch,” or Nissen or Quonset hut. Further, the structural type may be classed as clear span or multiple span. A clear span building does not have structural supports (e.g. columns) in the interior occupied space. We manufacture everything you need in one place, so you save big on quality steel buildings. At MBMI we can create any type of metal building for your needs. From farm storage, to horse arenas, to commercial plant buildings, we have done it all and there is not limitations on creativity.

For less than $13 per square feet of clear span space, steel buildings offer an advantage over traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. Steel buildings are well-built, and if you opt for the vertical metal roof options, these buildings come with a 20-year sheet metal warranty. This means that metal buildings can last longer than wood structures and are 100% recyclable, which makes them Earth-friendly too. We offer you simple, factual information about steel buildings, carports, garages, sheds and guardhouses. Choose your size, your style, where your structure will be delivered and get a price. In most cases, shipping and installation on your metal building, carport or shed is free.

Ask our customer service representatives about customizing the perfect metal building for your needs. We can work with you to find the perfect metal building for the price you can afford. What’s the difference between a certified and non-certified metal building? If your local ordinances require you to have a permit to install a building, then you need a certified building. If your area has no such requirements, then you have the option of choosing between certified and non-certified.

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