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Shared Corporate Solutions Reimagined

Construction teams usually use their own tools as well, so the company does not have to rent or buy expensive equipment. Software services enhance features and upgrade the security for a company or individual’s technological devices, such as computers and phones. These services provide anti-virus protection and update applications to be more user-friendly and effective. Combine business and technology expertise to develop rapid outline concepts. Our transformation experts work with you from initial idea through to full implementation, co-creating solutions that put data, analytics and proactive problem-solving at the heart of your organization.

Your colleagues will value your strategic input and respect you for your expertise. They’ll look to you to deliver practical results and demonstrate the ways in which marketing adds real value to our growing business. Become a key member of our business development team, identifying potential new clients, developing major accounts and keeping the sales pipeline active. You’ll need to think on your feet, adapting to changing client requirements. Your experience of account management will mean you deal with high profile clients confidently – and you’ll really care about client satisfaction, going the extra mile when required.

Maintenance professionals help ensure that a company’s property functions properly, and they’re available to address service requests as needed. Companies need animal control or pest exterminators to handle occasional infestations. Hiring a pest extermination service ensures that the infestation is addressed safely and quickly. Pest control is important for the overall health and safety of employees and helps companies avoid code violations.

That’s why our team of audit specialists and technical experts focus on the bigger picture. Our Participation Loans Program may allow these credit unions to continue offering business loans even when they’re nearing their lending limits. Membership with Navy Federal Business Solutions is exclusive to Navy Federal Credit Union members. As a business member, you have access to small business professionals, competitive business credit offerings and more. With no annual fee, competitive rates and a host of reward options1, our cards are a best bet for your business expenses. Our New Credit Dashboard Monitor, manage, and control your credit score—all in one convenient place.

Discover our leading-edge, digital signage platform that elevates the power of displays to enhance your business by enabling content teams to update message designs and schedules remotely. Engage your shoppers and customers to stop, shop and buy at your retail environment with Samsung’s in store digital signage and digital menu boards. Empower remote workers to achieve more with a familiar and secure work experience. Samsung Knox is our defense-grade security platform that’s built from the chip up to enable easier management through advanced mobility software.

These financial services allow companies to understand their financial position and ensure that their fiscal practices are beneficial. If a company is hosting a special event, works with a sensitive subject or is in a highly populated area, it may hire security services to ensure the safety of its employees and guests. Companies can hire security professionals for single events or for daily operations. Companies need insurance services not only to provide health and life insurance for employees but also for its property and practices. Some companies hire health and wellness experts, such as nutritionists, therapists or other doctors, to promote good health for their employees.

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