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What You Need To Know About Industrial Building Construction

The overall design implied a complex and intense task of correct and adjust the functional layout, optimizing and updating all work areas towards a more efficient and articulated set of services. Our approach was to enforce a sense of identity, creating a uniform pattern of construction solutions and coating materials to assure spatial coherency, and to enhance the visual correspondence between the functional areas. The operation emphasizes on low impact measures within an integrative perspective, adding value to the landscape and urban surroundings. The biggest challenge was to enable a full-scale renewal of the existing buildings that implied a complex reorganization of working areas, while keeping all the company activities underway. There may be more than one original building within the curtilage of the premises. Where this is the case, and the buildings are used for the same undertaking, they will be treated as a single original building for the purposes of measurement.

Such buildings usually lack skylights and are equipped with artificial lighting, mechanical ventilation, and air conditioning. They are used in the manufacture of radio and electronic equipment, instruments, and precision tools; they are also used in the chemical industry to manufacture synthetic fibers as well as in the textile industry. The first attempts at artistic design of new structures date to the second half of the 19th century. One example is the Menier Chocolate Works in Noisiel, France (1871–72, architect G. Sonier and engineer E. Muller), in which the metal frame exposed on the façade played a definite decorative role in the treatment of the brick wall.

Reinforced-concrete frames are the type most often used in the construction of multistory industrial buildings. These frames either accommodate horizontal forces by means of rigid frame joints or consist of a bridging system that transfers the horizontal forces to diaphragms, stairwell walls, and elevator shafts. The framework of a multistory industrial building is generally made of precast units or is partially cast in situ, with or without bridging joists. Joist floors consist of joists resting on projecting or hidden column corbels and smooth pierced or ribbed slabs supported by joist flanges.

Relevant information on the enforcement actions in industrial building units by various government departments are set out at Annex. Conceived as an incubator space with a university campus feel, Station F is designed in three sections, each occupying a chunk of the 34,034 sq m, pre-stressed concrete structure. The first comprises a 370-person auditorium, meeting rooms, event spaces, a co-working coffee shop and a full makerspace called the Tech Lab, where 3D printers, laser cutters and workshops are accessible. The second section of the building is the main workspace for the startups, with approximately 3,000 desks; the third section, meanwhile, is due to launch in May as a large-scale, 24-hour restaurant open to the public. But in 2012, the devastating Hurricane Sandy struck the region, and the whole site was flooded. Hugo Neu was advised to demolish all the remaining shipyard buildings, but instead a new vision took hold and it is now undergoing a transformation into a thriving hub of workplaces for the 21st century.

Wholesale conversion cases with special waivers executed and redevelopment cases with lease modifications executed from 2010 to the end of 2013. Hamilton said being located just a few hours’ drive from both the Greater Toronto Area and Montreal is a major selling point for the National Capital Region. He said the Ottawa area is drawing the attention of more and more e-commerce companies looking to satisfy growing consumer demand for same-day deliveries to Canada’s two largest urban centres. According to planning documents, the applicants hope to start construction on the project this summer, with full occupancy slated for 2021. While no potential tenants are mentioned in the application, supporting documents say the peak period for the site is expected to run from October to January – coinciding with the busy Christmas shopping season. Experts also note that the site’s easy access to Highway 416 would make it a prime location for a retail distribution centre.

The Urban Renewal Authority planned to redevelop an industrial building in the Hong Kong Island into public housing. Again, with the high rising of prices, property owners of some units suddenly raised their price. In consideration of the costs and benefits, the Urban Renewal Authority formally withdrew the project in June 2013. Not only the Urban Renewal Authority, but also the Water Supplies Department of the Government has become third parties affected by the new revitalisation measures. This is in conflict with the policy targets of the 2010 new revitalisation measures to make better use of vacant and underused industrial spaces.

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