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Internships For Students

I was able to participate in Employee Resource Groups and professional development workshops that helped me give back to that culture. My favorite part was meeting so many amazing people throughout the company. I left my internship with so many mentors that want to see and help me succeed.

The idea is that the internship program that we run on is actually supported by a team at the Faculty of Business. We put students through our recruitment process which is very similar to what they’ll face when they go into industry and you know university degree is great but you need that experience. The Massey Career Development Center and our faculty constantly connect students to employers and internship opportunities, while empowering students to build their network and find internships. It is common for our graduates to intern in a variety of fields, allowing them to gain a plethora of on-the-job experience while determining their best initial fit for a company or industry.

Even companies that don’t seem to have a main focus in business are looking for bright interns to help them develop. You can even research possible job roles that you might want to explore during your business internship. Handshake also makes it easy to learn about roles in business simply by using the job role search bar. Internships in business can fall under any of the following roles we’ve listed here for you! Internships are meant to guide you towards your true desired career path and your summer 2021 business internship could kick it off in the right direction.

Micro-enterprises are small-scale businesses that employ small numbers of people – usually ten or less – and provide goods or services to their local community. These businesses can be funded by banks or other organisations, since many micro-enterprise owners don’t have enough capital to start-up on their own. Because micro-enterprises provide employment opportunities and services to the local community, they can contribute to sustainable development in a meaningful way. Travel abroad for a business internship and you’ll be surrounded by the culture of another country. While collaborating with local partner organisations, you’ll get to improve on, apply and adapt your business skills to address some of the biggest challenges facing communities abroad. The Davis School of Business, its Internship Coordinator, and Colorado Mesa University’s Career Services for Employersoften have great leads for companies looking for interns.

Many students report that they have received employment offers from their internship sponsors while others have received outstanding recommendations to add to their resume. Let’s face it, full-time students may not have the time to take on a business internship during the academic year. But, GVI offers internships that take place during the summer vacation too. So don’t let the stress of not having an internship under your belt get you down.

Show us who you are, what you care about, and where you want to go – we’ll show you the rest. The extent to which the intern’s work complements, rather than displaces, the work of paid employees while providing significant educational benefits to the intern. The extent to which the internship accommodates the intern’s academic commitments by corresponding to the academic calendar. The extent to which the intern and the employer clearly understand that there is no expectation of compensation. Any promise of compensation, express or implied, suggests that the intern is an employee—and vice versa. Specific education and practical skills deemed important to the assigned duties.

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