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Interns in the “for-profit” private sector who qualify as employees rather than trainees typically must be paid at least the minimum wage and overtime compensation for hours worked over forty in a workweek. Please note that one of our team may need to arrange a site visit to the location you will be undertaking your internship. Browse current opportunities, and apply, via UniHub on theBusiness Internship Opportunitiespage. VisitCurtin Careers, Employment and Leadershipfor guidance to ensure that your resume meets professional standards. The Faculty of Business and Law has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia to offer internships toundergraduateandpostgraduate Faculty of Business & Lawstudents.

While studying at the prestigious Sophia University in his native Japan, he accepted an internship in the USA. Since then, his work has taken him to several different countries, “I love meeting customers and being out in the field,” he says. Our students are well equipped to work in a professional environment. Internships in the “for-profit” private sector will most often be viewed as employment, unless the test described below relating to trainees is met.

Hospitality and tourism are fast growing industries which benefit both the travelers and the countries that are being visited. Gain actionable insights from Nate Lustig, Managing Partner at Magma Partners, and find out how to build a career in business. From how to break into the business sector, to the key skills it takes to succeed in the 21st century and the myths surrounding the sector here, is everything you need to know. Toru Hirata works as Event and Marketing Assistant Manager in Singapore.

Not only are they always creating new innovative features, but their team is also a super diverse mix of great people too! It’s a mixture of fun-loving, passionate digital strategists, problem solvers, creative thinkers, coders, research fanatics, multicultural linguists, and intelligent “can-do” geeks. Interns will actively participate and engage with all business matters from social media, lead generation, data analytics, customer retention, and content generation. The moment I made the decision to apply for the Florence program with Global Experiences, I knew it was going to be an extraordinary experience. GE did an amazing job in positioning me with the right people and company during my internship abroad. To review the specific opportunities available, please see the open roles below and review the job description and requirements.

Through your interview and application, we will learn about your background and future career goals to determine if you are a good candidate for an international internship. If accepted into our program we guarantee you an internship in your approved career field. You will work with our Placement Team throughout the process and get ready to go abroad. If you’re looking to be immersed in a completely new and vibrant culture, learn a new language and gain professional experience to set yourself apart, consider international business internships in Colombia. A Volvo Group internship will give you a chance to test and apply your knowledge in a real business context.

An internship is a short-term employment assignment, during the summer or regular school year that is related to a student’s major or career goal. Interns work in a professional setting under the supervision of a practicing professional. When putting together your resume, make sure to have all your skills, courses, and accomplishments laid out for employers to view. Also having your preferred job role and location on your Handshake profile is a great way to signal your interest to potential recruiters. When searching for business internships, it’s key to use the location filters provided on Handshake. You’ll be able to pinpoint business internships exactly where you want to intern just by selecting the city you want in the search bar.

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