Soffit & Fascia

Specializing in Soffit & Fascia

There is no substitute for experience when considering soffit and fascia installation. Located along the exterior eaves and overhangs, quality designed and installed soffit and fascia will compliment the architectural profile of your South Florida Home.

Soffit and Fascia are designed to provide needed airflow to the attic for proper aeration and control the moisture level. More importantly, if installed incorrectly, broken or poorly installed panels can allow easy access for rodents, racoons and other unwanted pest; causing thousands of dollars in damage. We custom bend our own fascia with American made aluminum products.

Specializing in soffit and fascia installation, DSC of South Florida backs our projects with an industry leading warranty, top materials and a lifetime labor guarantee! Soffit & fascia completes as well as compliments the look of your home. Available in a variety of textures and colors which will add the perfect touch to any project.

We also offer Soffits in Hardie Board as well!

Choosing a contrasting color to your homes siding color will create an element of interest. Matching the soffit to the trim color will create a sense of balance. Selecting the same shade throughout your homes color scheme will allow for a soothing affect.

Designed with purpose,our vinyl & aluminum soffit is virtually maintenance free and permits air circulation where necessary. The added touch that will tie it all together.